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Whilst this site is all about Kelly Marie i would like to thank her for her friendship and help (your the best) love you as always tony xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


To Metin thanks for the dvd (your a star) Thank you & Kelly lets hope we get the  Promotional Video's For "Hot Love" & "Loving  Just  For  Fun"       xxxxxxxxxxx


To Guido paffrath for sending lots of kelly material that i didnt have thanks as always  xxx


To Miray love the photo : ) & Emine  When am i gonna get some new photo's of ya mum ha ha ha








Thanks also to volker for covers that  we couldnt get yet!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks as always also to john (krystle) xxxxxxxxxxx











Thanks to everyone who has sent photos,disc covers too numerous to mention

but have to mention damon from australia a massive kelly fan x


And thanks as always to Richard xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    : )











Thanks also to Paul Tams and Nic  C for photo's and unreleased tracks "no matter what" "Its raining men" "Maybe This Time"

Thanks to Ray Dorset for writing "feels" and heping me !!

Thanks to joe & adrian dolan for the signed photos and sleeve covers

Thanks to richard jaskeran for "sentimentales besos "and "love all over again"  and some kelly  Marie Backing tracks that have never seen the light of day thanksssssss so much wow!!!

Thanks also to Alex for his help in getting so many rare performances, its all worth it in the end to have so many on dvd for the first time ha ha


And  Thanks to Pete Reynolds at (reynolds mastering) for doing such a brilliant job on the "ultimate collection" your the best !!!


Thanks to Tim Madgwick at Cherry Red, Jim Phelan, Andy Pearce and everyone else involved with the passion years XX


Thanks also to Keith Berry for getting it all started in the first place (I had a good teacher) : )

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