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In November 1980, the song had generated enough interest for Calibre to release an album, "Feels Like I'm In Love" in Britain. A faster remix of "Loving Just For Fun" was released as a single to helppromote the album. Despite Kelly's appearance on Top Of The Pops the song only reached No.21 in the British charts. "Loving Just For Fun" also charted in Germany (No.22) and also (No.22) in Ireland. It would have been a wiser choice to re-release the original mix of the song which is more sophisticated. Kelly herself prefers the original version to the 1980 remix, so both versions are included on this compilation to let you decide.


"Hot Love" came out in Britain in January 1981 and charted at No.22. In early 1981, "Feels Like I'm In Love" had caught on in major American and Canadian clubs. Calibre released a Fred Frank remix of the song backed with"Hot Love" as a double-sided 12" single. This remix was sharp and clean and focused on the horn section making it more DJ friendly.


By then, Kelly was gaining popularity in the US club scene. The album "Feels Like I'm In Love" was released in the USA in the Spring of 1981. "Love Trial" was released as a single in May 1981. Even though the song was pretty catchy and well produced, it only managed to reach No.51 in the UK charts.  Late that summer Kelly worked with Biddu a successful artist and producer in his own right. He produced "Don't Stop Your Love" which became Kelly's second biggest hit in the U.S.


1982 would be the final year of her collaboration with Peter Yellowstone. The last three singles the duo released were "I Need Your Love", "Love's Got A Hold On You" and "I Feel Love Comin' On" - a cover of the Dana classic.


In 1983 Kelly then went on to release "Don't Take Your Love To Hollywood" and "Silent Treatment", backed by the Tony Eyers (50,000 Volts fame) track "Up On My Street".


In 1984 Ian Anthony Stephens produced "Breakout" for Calibre Records. The song showed a sleeker more mature sounding Kelly. Nearing the end of her longstanding contract with Calibre Records she joined forces with John Davies and Nigel Stock for her last Calibre single, 1984's "I'm On Fire." It was another huge club hit staying in the Hi-NRG charts for three months. Stock and Davies worked for Skratch Music and had major success with their work on Passion Records.


Kelly’s final release for the label was the re-release of “Feels Like I’m In Love” backed with the Ellie Warren track “Shattered Glass”. The 12” version contained the Lez Adams DMC mix. Kelly then went on to release more hi-NRG stompers on the passion label like “Don’t Let The Flame Die Out”, “Hands Up” ,"Born To Be Alive", "Halfway To Paradise" and the  Shappire classic  featuring Kelly "Burning" before Releasing the Ian Levine club Favorite “Stealing My Time”.


Kelly had by then met Metin, the man of her dreams. After a whirlwind romance they were soon married. Today they have six wonderful children. Kelly then went on to record such classics as "River Deep, Mountain High", "Blanket On The Ground" for the Hi-NRG album "Disco Queen" which came out in September 1999.


In June 2003, Kelly teamed up fellow disco diva Tina Charles to releases the divaduetz CD featuring remakes of Lulu’s "To Sir With Love" and Kylie's "Your Disco Needs You". February 2004 saw Kelly’s "Applause" album hit the shops with songs from film and theatre given the classic Kelly Marie makeover.


Kelly Marie is one of Scotland's best female singers ever. Her vocal range is quite unique and her outstanding and powerful voice is exceptional. In may 2005 Kelly appeared on the ITV show "Hit Me Baby One More Time"   Singing "Feels Like I'm in Love" where she still managed to "raise the roof"  (as stated by Vernon Kay the TV presenter) and impress everyone  with her outstanding vocals.  She then later went on to do a cover of Britney Spears "Oops I Did it Again" giving it the Kelly Marie makeover. Sadly it wasn't to be and Chesney Hawkes won the the TV heats.........and shakin stevens winning the overall show ..............


And now bang up to date with the Jan 2012 Release "The Passion Years" sees all kelly's Passion recordings  and hi nrg hits all brought together for the very first time..........


 Tony "Hitman"Taylor  2007

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